Car storage in Basingstoke – New Self Storage Feature!

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You can now store your car at the Basingstoke branch of Store & Secure. It’s easy to do – we’re located straight off the A339 in the industrial area of Houndmills, next to many car dealerships and the Basingstoke railway. By arrangement, you can drive straight in, park or store your car and access it on any day, at surprisingly low cost.

If security is vital to you – and you don’t have a secure garage or appropriate parking area, your car may be prone to security risks, especially if you have to park it on the road for long periods of time. Well… Store & Secure’s car storage in Basingstoke has 24/7 security in place, with staff on site, 7 days a week, and the latest security CCTV systems installed.

And if you’re a car enthusiast, a car mechanic working in a garage from home or you own a second car, storage allows you to free up room in your garage or protect classic cars.

For more information, prices and other reasons why storing your car makes sense, click here!