Store & Secure Self Storage is an SSA award winning self storage facility and your ideal choice for all your storage needs. As well as offering you the best storage solution possible, we’re always on hand to give you advice about self storage and answer any questions you may have. Here’s a few Hints & Tips to get you started.

Storage Hints & Tips

  • If there’s anything you are unsure about, do not hesitate to ask. Our friendly team can give advice on how to make packing simple and reduce the amount of space you need
  • Start by putting together a ‘packing kit’ to ensure you have all the necessary packing materials such as permanent markers, parcel tape and labels
  • Use protective wrap on your delicate belongings to ensure no scratches, dents or breakages
  • Each time you pack a box, label it clearly on a side that’s easily visibly when the box is stacked
  • Packing heavy items in smaller containers will help prevent injury while lifting
  • Be sure to use sturdy boxes or other packaging as this means you will be able to stack your stuff easily and minimise the amount of space you need
  • Drain freezers, washing machines and refrigerators two days before storage and store these items with the doors wedged open
  • Boxes should be filled to capacity to prevent them being damaged or tipping, but when packing heavy items, weight may be an issue, so use smaller boxes rather than large ones
  • We advise covering the ground in your storage room with a dust sheet to protect your things
  • Using a wardrobe box will help your clothes retain their shape
  • When all of your items are moved in, cover them with a dust sheet to keep them clean and protected
  • Secure your storage room with a padlock, either purchase one from our box shop or supply your own, as long as it meets our robust standards
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