You can store almost anything at Store & Secure as long as it’s not perishable, flammable, or illegal! You cannot store flammable, toxic, or explosive substances, LPG cylinders or any other compressed gases, any paints, thinners, petrol or oil, any firearms or ammunition, any chemicals (including and especially any oxidising agents), any plants, and no animals.

At Store & Secure in Poole we will work with you to identify the ideal storage room and size for your needs. You can check out our Size Guide or give our Poole storage a call on 01202 620 220 if you have more questions.

As soon as you like! As long as you are able to show a Store & Secure team member suitable proof of identity (e.g., a passport), proof of address (e.g. a recent utility bill or bank statement from a UK address), and have means of payment other than cash, you can begin using our self storage units straight away.

No, you are the only key holder for your self-storage unit.

We offer a number of payment options including direct debit, credit card, and debit card. We do not take payment in cash.

You can access your stuff at any time during our store’s opening hours, 6 days a week. You must sign in at our reception each time for the security of the centre and others.

We ask you to sign in as part of our security promise. It benefits you, our other customers, and is for health and safety purposes.

Our opening hours are generally 08.30 – 17:30 Mon – Fri, 09.00 – 16.00 Saturday.  Please contact our friendly team to enquire about any change in opening times over certain holiday periods.

The self-storage unit you will need when moving to a new house depends on the size of your current home. If you’re looking to store the contents of a 1 or 2 bedroom flat, you’ll need at least 75 sq. foot of space. If you want to store up to a four-bedroom house you may need up to 250 sq. foot. Whether you require household self-storage for the contents of a whole family home or a small flat, at Store & Secure you can find room for everything.

For high-quality, secure household storage units in Poole and the Bournemouth area, call us today on 01202 620 220.

It is advisable to pre-book your storage room if you want to guarantee your space. We charge just £20 for this, and your money is refunded against the rental cost when you move in. However, please don’t panic if it’s a last-minute arrangement as we will always try our best to accommodate you. If you have any queries about reserving a room, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team in Poole a call on 01202 620 220.

You will need to sign a Storage Licence Agreement before you move in. You will then be issued with full terms and conditions of storage, at which point our friendly staff will explain these to you and answer any questions you have.

Yes, it is compulsory for your individual storage room to be insured against fire, theft, and flooding. We will arrange this for you through our StoreProtect cover, at a cost that will be charged alongside your monthly storage fee. The cost of this is dependent on the value of your goods. Our standard StoreProtect cover, which is in place works for most of our customers, and we will check this is enough cover for you personally at the move-in stage.

We can recommend removal and ‘man with a van’ companies that will help you transport your personal items.

We have both large trolleys and lifts which are free of charge for our customers. The use of our pallet truck is also free.

Household self-storage units are the best way to store your belongings for moving. At Store & Secure, our purpose-built personal storage units ensure your belongings stay safe and dry when you’re in the process of moving. Some people choose to store belongings in a garage, loft, or spare room if they have the space available short term. If you’re looking for somewhere medium to long-term, personal household storage units are the best option.

Get in touch today to get a quote or call our Poole storage on 01202 620 220 (Bournemouth) to find out more information about four household self-storage units in the Poole and Bournemouth area.

We offer a full range of packing materials in our store. Our ‘Saver Packs’ offer significant savings versus buying individual items.

Our store has free parking and loading bay services for your convenience.

Please visit our Storage Advice page or give us a call on 01202 620 220. Our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you need more or less space, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. Whether you have a household or business self-storage unit at Store & Secure, we offer flexible storage solutions so that you only ever pay for what you need. With no long-term commitment, our self-storage units are easy to upgrade or downgrade when required.

Get a quote or call our Poole storage on 01202 620 220 to discuss your self-storage requirements and get expert advice.

One of the benefits of our flexible storage solutions means that you can easily increase or decrease the size of your room as your need changes, so you’ll never have to pay for space you are not using.

We require you to give 28 days’ notice in writing (an email is fine) when you want to vacate your storage room. We will then calculate any refund for unused storage time that you are due.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01202 620 220. They will be more than happy to help.

To make sure you have stored furniture correctly in a self-storage unit, follow our 7 steps on how to store furniture in a storage unit:
1. Clean furniture thoroughly before storing.
2. Take furniture apart where possible to save space.
3. Wrap furniture to prevent dust and moisture – we have plenty of wrapping material at out our box shop.
4. Protect glass items with paper and bubble wrap.
5. To avoid any scratches, line your storage unit with tarp or moving blankets.
6. Store large items vertically.
7. Don’t overfill your storage unit as this can lead to furniture being damaged.
Get a quote today for storage units in
Poole and the Bournemouth area. Alternatively, call us on 01202 620 220.

No, you don’t need to have a storage unit to buy packaging. If you are looking for packing boxes in Poole, our Box Shop is full of packing supplies. From packing boxes and packing tape to bubble wrap and furniture covers, we’ve got you covered whether you have a storage unit at our facilities or not. And if you find you need a safe place to store your items, we offer flexible self-storage in a range of sizes at a price to suit you.

To find out more about our packing boxes, call us on 01202 620 220 or visit Store & Secure in Poole. Our friendly team will be happy to help.

Self Storage in Poole FAQs

Store & Secure have self-storage units of all sizes on Blandford Road in Hamworthy, Poole.

We can accommodate your storage needs, however much you need to lock away. Whether you are packing up your home ready to renovate or want a secure place for your business’ stock, we can help. Feel free to give our team of self-storage experts in Poole a call to discuss your needs.

Our Poole self-storage units start with 4 weeks of FREE storage and then after this start from £5 a week but the cost varies depending on the size of the unit you need and the length of time you need it for.

Not only this, but we also have a price promise. If you find container storage in Poole for a cheaper price, we will match it. At Store & Secure, we are dedicated to you giving you the easiest and best storage experience so you have peace of mind.

You can store as much as you need in your Poole self-storage! We have a variety of container storage sizes, so you can store everything from sofas to small trinkets. Whether you need a locker or a 200 sq.ft container – Store & Secure can help.

If you have a lot of items to store away and don’t know where to start, have a look at our space guide. This gives you an idea of what each container size can hold and if you will have enough space. Alternatively, you can call our team on 01202 620 220 and they will be happy to help.

You can definitely use container storage in Poole for your business. At Store & Secure, we have a lot of experience helping businesses grow by providing stock storage and even serviced offices.

If you have a small business and need help storing some of your archive documents or other items, then we can help. We have a huge variety of storage sizes, so whatever the size of your business, we can help you get off the ground. If you need more space as your business grows, we can also adapt to suit your needs, giving the chance to upgrade your business storage in Poole.

You can use our Poole business storage for anything that your business might need help with. From stock to documents, Store & Secure have a storage solution.

In fact, our container storage in Poole is fully equipped to aid every aspect of your business. If you are starting a new business from home and want to get post sent to an address other than your own, you can rent a PO box from Store & Secure. We also provide serviced offices, so that you can keep your business separate from your home life and provide a professional space for customers to visit.

Store & Secure Business Storage FAQs

Setting up a PO Box allows you to create a separate business mailing address. For mailbox rentals, Store & Secure offer a hassle-free and straightforward solution. Our mailbox rental services come from as little as £5 a week with no fixed term contract required, get in touch today to find out more about how to set up a PO box at Store & Secure.

Whether you need somewhere to store a few boxes or are looking for a larger space to hold stock, you can get commercial storage units at Store & Secure. Our purpose-built commercial storage units can be used to for archive document storage and office furniture, to create space to store and pack items, and more!

Call our team in Poole to talk about your commercial storage unit requirements on 01202 620 220.

PO boxes work by providing you with a professional business address. Whether you need a temporary secure place to receive mail or run an online business, when you give out your business details, any of the post your company receives will arrive at your unique Store & Secure PO box.

When you need to access your post, you can simply use the key provided. We are open 6 days a week so you can access your PO box at any time during store opening times. Get in touch today to get a quote for our PO boxes in Poole and the Bournemouth area.

Using an off-site archive storage facility is one of the best ways to store important papers and legal documents. Archive storage facilities such as Store & Secure not only offer high security but also a purpose-built space to keep your documents protected.

Manage your archive document storage with our flexible business storage spaces. With storage spaces ranging from 20 boxes to 500 archive boxes, you can keep all your important documents in one place.

To find out more about our archive storage in Poole, get in touch today.

Yes, we provide award-winning business storage for a range of customers, from start-ups to established companies. Our flexible business storage units in Poole are available in a range of sizes. From lockers to large container storage, at Store & Secure we can help you choose the most suitable storage for your business.

Our business storage solutions are flexible with no fixed-term contract. If you find yourself needing more space, you can also scale your business storage up or down at any time. We are open 6 days a week, so you can access your business storage at a time that best suits you during our opening hours.

At Store & Secure we can accept delivers for you and hold them for you to collect when you are ready. With our free goods-in-and-out service for collections and deliveries, all you need to do is check your items when you return. Plus, all our staff have forklift truck licenses so we can receive any size delivery for you and transport it safely on-site.

To find out more about the benefits of our business storage in Poole and the Bournemouth area, call a member of our team on 01202 620 220.

Self-storage units are ideal for storing a range of belongings, particularly when you need to make extra space. Here are a few examples of what can be stored in a storage unit:

  • Furniture
  • Stock equipment
  • Office furniture
  • Document archives
  • Household items (appliances, décor, tools etc)
  • Sports equipment

Our storage units are the perfect solution if you are moving house, running a business, or if you are looking for a secure place to keep your belongings. Get in touch for an instant storage quote today for personal or business storage in Poole.

If you require furniture storage but aren’t sure what size you’ll need, our expert team are here to help. From lockers to 1000 sq. ft, we can help you determine which size storage unit you’ll need to store your furniture.

Choosing the right size storage unit avoids damaging your furniture when moving it in and out of storage. Plus, an appropriately sized household storage unit will also prevent cramming too much furniture in.

Looking for household storage in Poole and the Bournemouth area? Contact us today to find out more about our storage sizing and pricing.

If you have an online business, you can use commercial storage units as stock or document and archive storage so that you can safely store your items, allowing you to run your business as smoothly as possible.

At Store & Secure, we have a range of business storage sizes so you can choose a unit that works best for you. Should your circumstances change, and you require more or less space, you can quickly and efficiently change your storage size with us. We want to help your business thrive, so we can also bring in stock deliveries – all you need to do check your items when you visit.

Office storage units can help small businesses by securely holding stock items, archive documents and centralising all your business belongings.

At Store & Secure we can provide small business storage at a small cost so that you can minimise your overheads and keep growing. We have a price promise, so if you find a commercial storage unit for a lower price elsewhere, we will match it. We can also support your small business with our round the clock security, ensuring that your possessions are always safe and looked after.

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