Are you running out of storage space in your home? Do you find yourself collecting old shoes, clothes, books or magazines? If so, you might be a hoarder! Hoarding is generally the process of keeping and storing many items for potential later use. The word is often associated with untidiness, however here are a few reasons for why hoarding might just be a blessing in disguise.


It May Be Valuable!

Some items such as books and art may be more valuable than you initially realised. If you’re a keen collector of art or literature, take the time to look through your collections, have it valued, and potentially sell it. Additionally, some items in a collection may increase in value over time, such as old furniture and comic books. To keep these items safe, why not store them in a secure, air conditioned storage unit in Bournemouth or Basingstoke?

Store More for Later

If you collect and keep everything instead of disposing of them over time, the items will still be available, even in a few years, when you are free to use them. This could result in better time management, especially if you invest in personal storage in Bournemouth or Basingstoke, as you’ll have the flexibility to take them out of storage whenever you choose, and use them in the future. Also, there’s no need to ever buy anything twice!

There’s Always Entertainment


If you are an avid collector of entertainment such as books, films and video games, your hoarding habits may have had you collect thousands of items over the years. This backlog of entertainment means you’ll always have your favourite items at your fingertips. If the VHS collection is simply unusable but you want to keep them, consider storage in Basingstoke and Bournemouth.

If you feel that these benefits may apply to someone like yourself, then you may be in need of some extra storage space. Store and Secure can provide easy self storage in Dorset with storage facilities in Bournemouth and Basingstoke.


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