We could all use that extra bit of storage, but it’s not all about stacking box on box. The day will come when you are rummaging for hours to find that one item, but you lift the box and it’s structure collapses leaving 5 years’ worth of stacked storage scattered across the floor! So get smart with these little storage tips and hints to use at home, in the shed or in your self-storage unit.

  1. Arrange your storage by priority of use. Those ancient records you’ll never need again can sit at the back, but the seasonal cricket bats and golf clubs should sit near the entrance of your storage unit, garage or shed.
  2. Organise your home items by frequency of use. The month old papers and wellies that are sitting next to your front door need to be moved to the garage – you’re not using them anytime soon. Keep high frequency items, like car keys, dog leads and wallets near the front of the house to find them quickly.
  3. Map your storage unit. If you’re stacking large quantities of items into a storage unit, scribble down on a note the rough positioning of them and leave it at the unit for easy discovery of your stuff. Don’t forget to add gangway to your storage layout to reach everything easily.
  4. Consider multi-purpose. When it comes to storing in self storage units or in the garage you’ve got to make every inch of space count. Pots and pans in the oven, cables on coat hangers and dishes in drawers. You’ll save square foot upon square foot of space.
  5. Take it apart. If it’s detachable, take it apart! If it loosens, take it apart! Chair legs, table legs, even the bed headboard and struts. Fold it all up, tie or tape the legs to the base to avoid losing them and then stash it. For sofas and chairs and other home storage needs, remember to wrap the covers in bed-sheets or cover sheets to avoid staining or marks when storing!

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