In today’s modern world, technology is becoming bigger and better every day. So what do you do with your older electronics? You might want to avoid throwing your old computer out, or you might want to keep the old Sega Megadrive for its nostalgic value. If they’re office computers, commercial storage space in Basingstoke and Bournemouth are a click away. So, here’s 5 tips to storing your electronics:

Back up the Data

With old computer hard drives or memory devices, back up all the data onto your current devices. The technology we use might get old and become redundant but the information within them might just be as important as ever, whether it’s a timeless album or old work documents.

Clean the Electronics

You never know when you might need to call your electronics back into action. With so many components needed to fully function, it is worth wiping, vacuuming and dusting your electronics. Compressed air dusters are great for targeting hard-to-get areas of electronics.


Take out the CDs, tapes, DVDs and batteries from your devices to avoid spoiling them. CDs, tapes and DVDs might become scratched if forgotten about, and battery acid in particular can significantly damage your products if exposed.

Seal & Protect

Whether you have an old computer monitor vulnerable to scratches, or a hard drive susceptible to dust build up, consider sealing your electronics with tight fabric wrapping – though not plastic wrapping which may trap moisture. Bubble-wrap and other packaging materials are also integral to keeping your electronics safe and sound.

Clean, Dry & Secure Storage

The basement is too damp, the garage is too cold and the attic is too windy! You need the right environment to store your electronics to avoid compromising their quality. Wind will encourage dust to move about, the cold will counter functionality and damp is electricity’s worst nightmare. Consider a clean, safe and dry storage unit at Store & Secure in Bournemouth & Basingstoke – the perfect home for storing your electronics!

Whether you need a temporary spot to store your tech during a move, or a permanent new home for your ageing gizmos, get in touch with Store and Secure. Before you store, make sure to check out our self storage insurance in Basingstoke & Bournemouth to take extra care when it comes to something as valuable as computers. You can get the ball rolling via telephone on 01202 520 220 (Bournemouth) or 01256 444 445 (Basingstoke) or alternatively use request a quote via our online contact form.


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