Are you thinking about moving office? Read our 6 tips for office relocation to ensure you experience a smooth transition!

  1. Decide which type of office space you may need

There are several types of offices available, including co-working spaces and serviced offices. Co-working spaces are ideal for the creative industry or for those who don’t have visiting clients. Serviced offices, such as our serviced offices in Basingstoke are perfect for those who need a fully operational office straight away.

  1. Devise a wish list

Be realistic about what your needs and wants are – and be prepared to compromise. Create a list of the essentials, such as parking or high internet speed, and what you’d like, such as a specific location or a meeting room.  Don’t be afraid to make sacrifices as it will pay off in the long term!

  1. Research estate agents

A good estate agent with fair prices is rare to find.  Compile a shortlist of estate agents from family, friends and neighbours and research their administrative costs, then reach out to them with your office requirements.

  1. Plan everything

Planning in advance will save you time and money. Research what internet provider you may use, how the phones will work, what items you may need and all the minute details down to things like toilet paper. This will help you calculate estimated costs for the office move.

  1. Be realistic with your move in date

We recommend that 6 months before your current office lease is up, you should decide whether to move and start planning! We advise allowing 8 weeks from the initial proposed move in date, as it’s common for paperwork to take considerable time. Luckily, Store and Secure are here to help with business storage in Basingstoke. Keep stock and office items safe and secure with us while you move to prevent loss or breakages.

  1. Conduct thorough checks when moving in

It’s essential that you conduct thorough checks yourself as this could save you trouble and money in the long run. Check the toilet is functional, plug sockets work, there are blinds for computer glare, the temperature is right and everything else you can possibly think of!

Use our 7 tips for office relocation to ensure that you’re prepared and can enjoy this momentous stepping stone. If you’re moving offices soon and need serviced offices or business storage in Basingstoke, call our friendly team to find out how we can help you on 01256 444 445 or get a quote online.

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