At Store & Secure, we’re excited to introduce StoreProtect, our innovative solution that goes beyond traditional insurance to provide enhanced protection for your stored goods. Say goodbye to conventional insurance and welcome the peace of mind that comes with StoreProtect.

What is StoreProtect?
StoreProtect is not just insurance; it’s a comprehensive extension to our standard contract designed to accept liability for loss or damage to your stored goods in specific situations. We understand that your stored items are valuable, and StoreProtect ensures that you receive coverage on a new replacement basis for most goods.

However, certain items like jewelry, watches, fine art, beers, wines, and electrical items have specific restrictions. Motorcars stored outside a unit and food/perishable items are also exempt from StoreProtect coverage.

How Does StoreProtect Work?
To benefit from StoreProtect, it’s crucial to declare an appropriate new replacement value for all your stored goods, known as the Maximum Replacement Value. This value should be sufficient to cover all your items at all times. Failure to opt for StoreProtect subjects your goods to our standard terms, limiting liability to a maximum of £100. In this case, you must arrange insurance at your own expense for the stated Maximum Reinstatement Value throughout the storage period.

Calculating Your Maximum Replacement Value
Determining your Maximum Replacement Value is a straightforward process. We require you to declare the total value of all goods stored with us, even if you choose to arrange insurance elsewhere. It’s essential to ensure that your declared value remains adequate for the entire storage period.

Your Maximum Replacement Value must represent the total current cost of replacing all stored property as new, with specific considerations for certain items such as household linen and clothing, motor vehicles, antiques, works of art, documents, and more.

Proportional Reduction in Liability
If you opt for StoreProtect and your declared Maximum Replacement Value is less than the actual total Replacement Value of your stored property at the time of loss or damage, our liability will be proportionally reduced. For example, if your declared value is £5,000 for a total Replacement Value of £10,000, our liability will be reduced by 50%.

Learn More about StoreProtect
For detailed information on the protection StoreProtect provides, please read our Self Storage Agreement and StoreProtect Addendum. We want you to be informed and confident in the coverage you receive.

FAQs About StoreProtect

Do I have to insure my goods?
Yes, our Self Storage Agreement requires you to either accept StoreProtect or arrange insurance at your expense for the stated Maximum Reinstatement Value.

How do I calculate my Maximum Replacement Value?
Declare the total value of all stored goods, ensuring it remains adequate throughout the storage period. Follow specific guidelines for calculating replacement value based on different item categories.

Is there anything I can’t store?
Yes, there are items you can’t store. The easiest way to see the full list is to review condition 6.3 of our Self Storage Agreement for more details.

Upgrade to StoreProtect Today!
Say goodbye to traditional insurance and embrace StoreProtect for a new level of assurance. Your stored goods deserve the best protection, and StoreProtect is here to deliver. If you have any questions or need further assistance, visit our StoreProtect page or contact our team on 01202 620220

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