If you’re stressed at work or home and it’s preventing you from thinking straight, you can start immediately on one of the issues. It’s undisputed that a disorganised, clutter-filled office or home can be a symptom of stress – and it can also be a source of stress. Have look around, see lots of clutter? This could be a lightbulb moment…!

Decluttering your work and home spaces can help clear your mind.

If you’re too disorganised for your style of working, everything seems to fight for your attention. That’s bound to affect you, influencing the way you work and  how you relate to people. Not to mention you feeling frustrated, anxious and out of control.

The benefits of decluttered office or home space are being clear-minded… being able to focus on what needs to get done without distractions… not wasting time searching for things you need… fresh energy… and getting rid of some negative emotions. Well worth it.

Here are some great tips to declutter your office or home:

• Start small, even if it’s only with a single drawer or cupboard,

• Make decluttering a quick 15-minute weekly routine,

• Get in the habit of putting things away immediately, rather than doing it later,

• Store away seldom-used items, and dispose of (or donate) unused ones,

• Use containers when storing items that you need to find,

• Rent a room at Store & Secure in Basingstoke or Bournemouth to store things that you don’t need to use for a while, but want to keep.

Self-storage can be really useful for decluttering – it helps you clear space by letting you store things somewhere else, but they’re still always available. Things like documents, tools, furniture and stock – stuff you don’t want to lose, but that doesn’t need accessing immediately. Self-storage helps optimise your valuable office or home space but can be low-cost… e-mail us or telephone us today on (01202) 520 220 for details.


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