Three peaks completed… well done to Brian and the team… and all in aid of the fantastic charity Bournemouth Hospital Charity!

So, Brian Maidman clambered the Welsh Three Peaks in a single day this weekend, taking in the three peaks of Wales: Snowdon in the North, Cadair Idris in mid-Wales, and Pen-y-Fan in the South.

He’s totally worn out, but here’s what he told us…

“It was the most challenging physical experience I have ever had. 18 hours from start to finish, including travelling between peaks. The 05.30 start at Pen y Fan was up and down in the relatively cool early morning sun in 2.5 hours. Then a 3-hour drive to Cadair Idris for a 5-hour climb and descent on a relentless up-hill-and-down-dale of boulders and steps in soaring temperatures of the midday sun. Then a 1.5 hour drive to Snowdon for a 17.00 start at the base – for a 3.5-hr climb to the summit and a 3-hour descent back to the minibus at 23.20 (under torchlight for the last 45 mins). Totally exhausted…!

“Half an hour from the summit of Snowdon I ‘hit the wall’. Totally drained of all resources physically and mentally to carry on, our mountain leader (Jethro) called for a rest break and the whole team rallied round with drinks, sweets, glucose tablets, bananas and very kind and encouraging words of support to get me up there. 20 minutes later we were on our way again, me leading the pack so as to set the pace (slow!) and sure enough, half an a hour later we were on top of the world celebrating the most amazing moment – with a small team of six participants and our mountain leader who I had never met (any of them) until the day before. Without them I couldn’t have done it and I will never forget them for that.

“The final descent was full of reflection on the day, with good banter of stories from the day, a rendition of Cockles & Mussels from our Irish participant and absolute gentlemen (Keiron) followed by Men Of Harlech by Jethro, an absolute diamond and a man that would get you through any dilemma; a true stalwart.

“Louise, the youngster among us, was always leading from the front and an absolute inspiration with tales of the next few mountains she is going to conquer in the coming years…

“While Lucy and Lia constantly trailing at the rear where I always managed to put myself within earshot and listen to their most amusing stories about bodily functions and aspirations about fantasy relationships with certain celebrities. A cheeky couple of girls that are true ice-breakers and great company…

“Abi, the English Rose among us, gracefully suffered in silence even when the boots were punishing her toes on the final descent. Obviously a thinking girl who had acknowledged and pointed out that the slopes are probably a great place for single females to meet their future partners…

“Finally, a BIG thanks to Karen from BH charity for arranging every detail of the event and always on hand with refreshments, food and encouraging words of support and acknowledgement… along with Mark, our driver, who donated his own time free of charge to drive us all weekend and get us there and back safe and sound… along with Malcolm to ferry supplies and stow and porter the kit whenever needed. The most tremendous team I have had the privilege to work with and a true milestone in my life.”

Bournemouth Hospital Charity aims to make a difference to every patient that is treated at its hospitals – above and beyond that which can be provided through NHS funding. Through donors’ support they can speed up patient treatment, reduce patient anxiety, aid quicker recovery and provide less intrusive treatment for patients. Well worth supporting, we say!


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