So you’ve just purchased your first home – congratulations! But are you prepared for the big move? It’s easy to miss the factors that can affect the transition and make you feel stressed out! Read our handy guide with tips and tricks you need to know, so you’re organised and prepared for the big day:

  1. Calculate your budget and timeline

It’s essential that you estimate the cost of moving and then some. From packing boxes, removal vans, basic furniture and bills, it can be a costly process. An Excel spreadsheet is helpful for tracking expenditure and calculating what can be compromised along the way.

It’s also important to estimate a moving timeline. Calculate how long it may take you to pack, what day is the best to organise movers, but keep in mind that move in dates often get changed!

  1. 3Estimate what packaging materials you’ll need

Packing supplies include small, medium and large moving and packing cardboard boxes and bubble wrap – all available from the Store & Secure box shop in Bournemouth & Basingstoke. This packing calculator can help you determine how much of each you may need.

  1. How to pack up a home

Pack the non-essentials first, starting from room to room so it’s easier to unpack. As the move approaches, pack less frequently used things, so that your absolute essentials are saved for last. Place heavy and hard items at the bottom of the box, wrap glass in bubble wrap and stick bubble wrap to the ends of furniture. And don’t forget to label the boxes!

  1. Find a removal company

Removal companies can be very expensive, so start by asking friends and family if they have a van or for additional help. If not, Store & Secure have a list of trusted man and van companies that can help you move or just transport your things – just ask us in store.

  1. Choosing self storage

If you order furniture for your new home, then turn to self storage in Basingstoke to store goods until you can move in. If circumstances require you to move everything out of your current place before the new home is ready, we have a range of different sized storage units in Basingstoke to suit you and your budget.

  1. Don’t forget the technicalities!

Shortly before you’re due to move start looking into home insurance, internet, TV and phone services. This may need sorting a while before you move so that you’re not uncontactable for a few weeks! Once you’ve moved in, don’t forget to investigate council tax and energy bills. Keep everything in a folder so that’s it’s easy to find amongst all the unpacking!

With this helpful moving in guide, you’ll be an expert at moving home in no time! Find more tips and tricks on the Store & Secure blog or call us to find out more about self storage in Basingstoke on 01256 444 455.

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