Sophie Maidman of Store & Secure which is offering free archive boxes

A Poole business is offering companies free, specially-designed boxes in which to store their archives.

Store and Secure, based in Hamworthy, will provide the document holders if businesses move their archive there or take space in its huge facility.

Already the company is offering free power to tenants as standard, but wants to provide more incentives he help local businesses like themselves.

Store and Secure is run by ‘storage sisters’ Lucy and Sophie Maidman and as well as providing storage space it offers serviced offices.

Sophie said: “A number of businesses use our facility to store their archives – and they all say how better their offices are when they have de-cluttered.

“And they also know that our units are dry, bright, clean and secure, as well as being easily accessible.

“We provide specialist archive boxes and these will be free for businesses that rent space with us.

“We know that the process of clearing an archive is something that can create a lot more space, and that space can often be better used.

“There will also be plenty that can be thrown out, but we always advise that paperwork ought to be disposed of properly so no intelligence, passwords or other sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands.

“We hope to encourage businesses to have a spring clean, get rid of what isn’t needed any more and store their archives with us.

“Many businesses got rid of their offices during the pandemic and their archives are probably in people’s garages and lofts.

“Now is a great time to claim that space back and store those boxes and paperwork in a specially-built and secure unit.”





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