Storage units aren’t an all or nothing phenomenon, you can use them as an easily accessible extra space that is a great addition to your home or office. As the best independent self storage company in the UK, we have put together a number of best practice tips when organising your storage unit!

1. To get the most out of your storage unit, it helps to plan ahead, so have a think about exactly what you are storing and make a list of items you want to store.

2. Once you have an idea about how much you’re storing, you need to think about the space. Scouting out a storage unit that is the right size for you is important. Too big and you will have overpaid, too little and you’ll not fit everything in which defeats the point. At Store & Secure, we have a selection of household storage units in Bournemouth with a variety of sizes available to you. So if your items shrink or grow, your unit can with you!

3. Pack your things in boxes, not bags. Bags can split, and harbour moisture and creepy crawlies leading to damaged items though mould or insect interference. Using plastic or cardboard boxes will not only make it easier to stack and identify items, their sturdy nature means that they’ll last while keeping your valuables safe. We stock a wide range of packaging materials from small boxes and bubble wrap all the way up to wardrobe boxes and mattress covers.

4. Prioritise your things. What do you need to access easily? Make sure you’re not the person who puts the things they sorely need right at the back of their storage unit; extra effort for nothing.

5. Have a cup of tea courtesy of us! If you follow the first 4 points then everything will go smoothly. Remember, good planning is the key to effective self storage.

Store & Secure is a self storage company based in Bournemouth. We recently won the Self Storage Awards for ‘Best Facility, UK” Independent Operators 2014. To find out more about self storage in Bournemouth, drop us a line or give us a ring on 01202 520 220.

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