Did you know that self storage started over 6,000 years ago in China? People used to store their belongings in clay pots buried in large pits. How’s that for originality?

As a storage company we know that storage doesn’t just mean using boxes and rails to efficiently place your belongings somewhere. Sometimes something simple such as jars for small bits and bobs are a good alternative.

Based on this we’ve found 6 weird and wonderful ways to tidy things up around the house:

Ladder as a shoe rack – Lean a ladder against the wall and hook your heels over the step. Voila! You’ve made a vertical, moveable storage space. To keep your room looking chic opt for a wooden ladder opposed to a metal one.

Ice cube trays for buttons – They’re small, they fit buttons. Need we say more? You could even colour coordinate or arrange by size.

Dish drainer to organise paperwork – With slots to split things into subjects or importance, you’ve got your own compartmentalised paper/book holder.

Embroidery hoop and old pillowcase for a hanging laundry hamper – Just string it up, place on a hook and you’re good to go!

Hanging shoe organiser turned door storage – They’re deep enough for things like bottles and other handheld items. Just hang up an old fabric shoe organiser and you can use it for bathroom toiletries, kitchen utensils, snacks or toys.

Magnetic containers aren’t just for spices – They could be for necklaces, screws, and other small things that might get lost in transit.

If these odd-job solutions aren’t enough, then contacting a storage company could be the right option for you. Store & Secure offers storage units in Bournemouth that are flexible in size and price. Call a member of our team on 01202 520 220 or fill in our enquiry form to find out more about how self storage can help you.

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