We know how important your personal record collection can be. Whether you have invested a lot of money into your collection or simply don’t want to damage your personal favourites, read our guide on how to keep your records in their prime for years to come.


Hard Plastic Boxes

Cardboard boxes may be cheap, but they will not protect your records for long periods. If you are moving your collection into self-storage in Bournemouth or Basingstoke, invest in hard plastic boxes for safe, long term storage.


Keep It Clean

Dust, grime and grubby fingerprints are a record collectors worst enemies. Keep yours pristine in a clean environment. Avoid the temptation to clean them with an old t shirt or your sleeve! Instead, invest in a record cleaning brush to quickly and easily brush away dirt and dust.


Use Plastic Sleeves

To protect records when they are not playing, purchase plastic inner sleeves. These act as a protective barrier between the paper cover and the record. To protect the vinyl card sleeve, use outer sleeves. Be sure to buy soft outer sleeves with excess room to prevent the artwork sticking to the plastic.


Stay Out Of The Sun

We love to see cool vinyl artwork on display. But if you have vintage records you wish to keep in mint condition, ensure that they are kept away from the sun. Sunshine can damage a record’s artwork and the heat can warp the vinyl. Keep your records in self-storage units to keep them away from harmful UV rays.


Store Records Upright

Records must be vertical to stay in good condition. If records are left slanted or on their side, they can warp over time and distort the sound.


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