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Whether you are just starting your wine collection or a professional sommelier, learning to properly store your wine is imperative. Good storage allows your wine to reliably mature, ready for you to sell or drink when the time is right. Learn our top tips for storing wine correctly from our self storage experts.

Keep Wine in the Dark

Exposure to light over time can cause wine to spoil. To keep your wine at its best, store in a dark environment. If you do not have access to your own storage solution then self-storage in Basingstoke may just what you need. Our self-storage units will keep your wine safe from any natural light exposure.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

A fine wine only gets better with age. The optimal time may depend on the type of wine, and its balance of sugar, acid and tannins. Red wines should be stored between 2 – 10 years to naturally mature and white wines can be opened between 2-3 years.

Keep Your Wine Still

Don’t rock the boat. Wine likes to be left alone, untouched and unmoved. Any vibrations from heavy traffic or motors can a negative impact on the taste of your wine.

Lay Wine Bottles Horizontally

If your wine bottles are corked, ensure to lay the bottles safely on their sides. This will prevent the cork from drying out. Plus, you can easily see if there are any sediments that have formed over time.


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