Close your eyes and picture your dream home. It already exists, its either your current home, or that lovely older property you’ve spotted on the market. The only thing between your imaginary dream palace and reality is that often dangerous word: renovation. While renovations can be a golden opportunity and adventure for many, they inevitably lead to a small hiccup: how do you protect your treasured stuff when the house gets ripped apart and reassembled? Well here is some self-storage advice for you.

Store and Secure is the perfect self-storage solution during the renovation period. Our self-storage units in Bournemouth and Basingstoke are the ideal place for your valuables and our household storage solutions fits all your needs. Find out what we can do for you by getting in contact or call us on 01202 520 220 for Bournemouth storage and 01256 444 455 for Basingstoke storage.

A renovated house is not an ideal storage solution

Let’s face it, the home you are renovating maybe is not the ideal place for your most treasured possessions. Dust is going to happen; spilled paint is going to happen, and accidents are definitely going to happen. A work-site is not the ideal location for your wedding ring, that upholstered chair that has been in the family for generations or even the most important member of the family: the PS4. Buildings with no doors, half-built walls and empty windows are not the ideal storage units for your personal possessions.

Self-Storage is the answer

Store & Secure are the ideal storage company in Bournemouth and the most trusted storage units in Basingstoke and they are the best places for your things. Our self-storage units boast 24/7 security that cannot be beaten. At Store & Secure Self Storage, ensuring that your storage unit is safe is our number one priority. Insurance is compulsory for renting storage space within the UK, but in the very unlikely event something goes wrong, it won’t affect your household no claims bonus. The policy is valid from the moment you put your items into storage to the very second they leave the Store and Secure unit, so you can rest at ease.

So, if you are renovating and are looking for household storage in Bournemouth or any self-storage in Basingstoke, speak to our helpful team today on 01202 520 220 (Bournemouth) or 01256 444 455 (Basingstoke), or get a quote online.

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