At Store and Secure, we love self storage tips and the quirkier the better! Organised self storage means an organised life, saving you from the anxiety that comes from living in a messy and cluttered home and making it easier for you to find things quickly and easily. If your family is expanding so will your possessions and many will become seasonal, requiring space in your home that you may not have, but there is always potential! Collections, memorabilia and valuables are the most important to store effectively to prevent breakages and safely keep them out of reach from small hands. There are plenty of reasons for self storage, and if you find that it’s all getting too much there is always our storage company in Bournemouth where you can safely store your items.

For some small quick fixes, try our quirky storage tips for inspiration:


  1. Pegboard for Hanging

Buy a sheet of pegboard from your local DIY store and pin it to the wall in your kitchen or living room. Using small metal hooks, hang wicker baskets or metal trays to store fruit and vegetables, kitchen tools or small toys and miscellaneous bits you find lying around the living room.hanging-baskets-store-and-secure

  1. Nail Polish Spice Rack

Try car boot sales or quirky kitchen stores to find a spice rack. If it’s old and needs some TLC, give it a rub down with some warm water and cloth and leave to dry before spraying a coat of primer. Using a spray will make it much easier to cover the nooks and crannies so invest in a spray paint in your chosen colour and give the spice rack a few coats before leaving to dry and then covering with a clear satin spray sealer. Fill with nail polishes and display!nail-polish-rack-store-and-secure

  1. Metal Fruit Baskets

Hanging baskets are ideal for modern, neat looking storage around the home. The bathroom is always a prime suspect for clutter with the amount of beauty items, bath toys and shower products. Hang the basket on your shower curtain pole or from the ceiling for effortless chic bathroom storage.


  1. Lego Holders

Superglue Lego pieces to the end of your desk and attach Lego bricks to your keys and phone. A Lego man’s hand has the perfect grip for most wires and phone chargers so everything is easy to find at all times!


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