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The office landscape has undergone something of an evolution in recent years. With the emergence of remote and hybrid working, there has been an increasing shift towards more adaptable, instant office spaces. In particular, coworking spaces and serviced offices are favourites for modern businesses. While both certainly have their merits, we’re exploring why we think serviced offices, like our serviced offices in Poole, edge out their competitors.


The biggest difference between serviced offices and coworking spaces lies in the level of privacy each offers. Unlike coworking spaces, where people from different companies can work alongside each other, serviced offices provide enclosed spaces. This offers your team privacy and control over their environment. This is invaluable when discussing sensitive information, hosting clients, or simply when seeking a quiet workspace. In contrast, the open plan nature of many coworking spaces can pose challenges in this regard.


Compartmentalisation isn’t just about physical walls; it’s about mentally segmenting different aspects of an office space. Our serviced office space in Poole lets you to choose a layout that meets your exact needs. You can have spaces for meetings, varying numbers of workstations, and a separate area for a breakroom. This separation can be hugely beneficial for focus and time management. On the other hand, while the majority of coworking spaces offer a more unified environment, this might not always be great for efficiency and concentration.


The atmosphere within a workspace plays a pivotal role in employee productivity. For those looking for an instant or temporary office space, serviced offices generally offer an atmosphere that is both professional and personalised. This balance helps in nurturing creativity while maintaining a structured workflow. What’s more, with fewer people sharing the space, noise levels are often lower which in turn helps employees to concentrate on their tasks.

Extra Storage

One of the best things about our serviced offices in Poole is that you can equip it to your specific needs. Alongside our instant office spaces, we offer plenty of office storage options where you can store anything from equipment to excess stock and documents. Having these facilities close to hand can be hugely beneficial for saving your business time and money, and is a solution that the vast majority of coworking spaces will be unable to offer. Whether you’re after a temporary office space or a long-term commitment, it pays to consider your office storage needs in advance.

Ability To Grow Your Business

With a serviced office, you have the flexibility to adapt your office space as your company expands. Our serviced offices in Poole are all available on short-term leases, meaning you’re not locked into any one space for a prolonged period of time. You can expand and contract your space requirements according to your changing business needs, without having to move to a new location and incur additional costs. Coworking offices are unlikely to offer that same adaptability.

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