Self-storage units are a great option for storing your belongings when you’re moving house, decorating or clearing out your garage. They are also perfect if you are retiring and want to clear out some items so you can downsize, or a student looking to store some items over the summer.

Personal storage units give you the freedom to easily access your own storage unit. Our self-storage units in Basingstoke, Bournemouth and Poole are accessible 7 day a week and have 24-hour CCTV to to ensure your belongings are safe. Knowing how to pack your belongings when putting them into storage is important to make the most out of your space. Here at Store & Secure we’ve put together our top tips for how to pack and store your items in a self-storage unit.


How to pack your items for storage

Make an inventory and categorise

Having an inventory of what you’re putting into storage will help you keep track of what’s going into your self-storage unit. If you have lots of items to store, try breaking them down into categories and pack them together. This will help you later down the line when you need to quickly find something. An inventory list is also useful when it comes to insuring your items. At Store & Secure we can provide self storage insurance for your peace of mind.


Pack items safely

High-quality packing materials ensure your possessions are safely stored and protected from breakage. We recommend sturdy carboard boxes or plastic containers. For more fragile items make sure you wrap them in bubble wrap or blankets so they don’t get damaged when you come to move them. Don’t worry if you haven’t got enough packing material, we offer a wide range of storage boxes and other packing materials at our box shop. Putting your items in boxes also prevents them from get damp, dusty or damaged.


Maximise space

Pack your boxes so that lighter items are on top of heavier ones. Try and fill the boxes the best you can so you maximise the amount of space in your self-storage unit.


Label your items

Once you’ve categorized and packed your boxes, make sure you label them. There is nothing worse than coming back to your personal storage unit after a few months and having to unpack all of your unmarked boxes to find the item you were looking for.

What not to store

Before you start to pack your storage unit, it’s important to remember there are a few items that you should not store in your self-storage unit. Any flammable or explosive material or other hazardous materials should not be stored. Items that are perishable or produce odours are also not suitable to long-term storage. Illegal items such as dugs and firearms should not be stored in any personal storage unit.


How to pack a storage unit

Cover the floor

Keeping moisture away from your belongings is an important part of protecting them. While all of self-storage units are fully cleaned before you move in, it’s a good idea to put something down on the floor to keep your items protected. A tarpaulin or plastic sheet are good options, alternatively you could use a wooden pallet or some shelves to keep your items off the ground.



Make sure you leave some airspace around your items to give them good ventilation. Items shouldn’t be leaning against the walls of your personal storage unit. Having good ventilation around your boxes will keep the contents dry and help them store for longer.


Easy access

Remember while packing your self-storage unit that you want to have easy access to all your possessions. There’s no point cramming all your boxes into one corner. If you end up needing something that is piled under a mound of boxes, this is only going to waste your time. Leaving a passage through the middle of your storage unit will give you easier access to your belongings. Place the items you might need the most frequently closer to the front of your personal storage unit.


Get the most out of your space

To get the most out of your space try and place larger items like furniture closer to the walls. Taller furniture pieces should be stored vertically to maximise your available space. You can store lighter items on top of drawers, dressers and cupboards. However, do not place items on top of mattresses or sofas as this may damage them over time.


Protect fragile items

Take extra care when storing fragile items like TVs, artworks and mirrors. Make sure they have been wrapped and keep them away from anything heavy. Ensure nothing is leaning up against them too, as this can damage more fragile items.


If you are looking for storage near you, our self-storage units in Basingstoke, Bournemouth or Poole are open seven days a week. Contact us to get a quote for storage from as little as £5 a week, along with all the packing material you need.

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